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Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone aerial photography can make a huge difference when you are putting together a marketing package for a commercial building. Whether it’s to sell the building or to lease vacant suites, aerial photos can give a great perspective of the entire property. Satellite views from Google Maps are great, but having much better quality, high resolution photos that are taken at different angles, not just from straight above, will “wow” your clients and draw more eyes to your listing. The same thinking applies to residential real estate and other construction or architectural projects. We are a licensed and insured drone operator here in the Phoenix area and we offer extremely competitive rates for professional quality aerial photography. If you are interested please give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at

Here’s a great example of the differences between an aerial photograph and one taken on the ground. The added perspective that the aerial photo provides is clear.


Do Commercial Real Estate Properties Need Professional Photography?

Here’s a video we produced about why it’s important for commercial properties to be photographed by a professional photographer. Professional photography is extremely important both for selling commercial properties or for leasing. We offer affordable photography with a quick turn around time. Give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at to schedule an appointment.

Mesa Commercial Real Estate Photographer

We recently had the opportunity to photograph a new office building at Mesa Riverview called Waypoint in Mesa, Arizona. The night turned out perfect with a storm rolling in to help provide a very striking sky. If you need some great twilight photos to show off a commercial property give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at




Commercial Real Estate Photography

Here are some photographs of a commercial property we shot recently in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s always fun to get to shoot a large warehouse like this, especially the interior photos. If you need a commercial property professionally photographed, whether a large warehouse like this or a smaller commercial property, give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at We offer very competitive rates for commercial real estate photography here in Phoenix.