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Real Estate Photography Home Prep Checklist

We recently put together this checklist for our clients to give to the homeowners of the houses we are photographing. Following these important steps will help improve the quality of the photographs and will help get more eyes on your listings which will hopefully sell the house quickly. Some of these are obvious, but some are not. We want the house to look just the way you want it to in the photographs at the time of the photoshoot. Some of our clients assume we can fix everything in Photoshop, but that isn’t usually the case. Removing objects or making major adjustments in Photoshop are extremely time consuming and unfortunately we typically don’t have the time to spend doing that. Using this checklist will ensure that you get the best possible photographs. Here is a link to download the checklist, but we have also posted the content of the checklist below.

Bare Minimum

Turn on all lights
Turn off all ceiling fans
Open all of the blinds and make sure blinds are even
Replace burnt out light bulbs
Make sure the front and back of the house is clear of any cars, garbage cans, or clutter


Clean windows
Pick up clutter, such as children’s toys or TV remotes
Put away family photos
Remove items from the exterior of the fridge, such as magnets or photos
Clear kitchen countertops of excessive appliances, soap bottles, sponges, and other clutter
Wipe down countertops
Clear bathroom countertops of toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap bottles, and other clutter
Clean showers and remove shampoo bottles, soap, and sponges
Remove dirty towels from bathrooms
Put all toilet seat lids down
Pull Weeds
Mow the lawn
Sweep the patio
Pick up after pets
Make sure the pool is clean and blue
Remove pool cleaning supplies from sight
Turn on pool features, such as waterfalls or the spa

For Twilight Photography

Make sure all exterior lighting is operational and set up to turn on right when the sun sets
Check pool light, this can make or break a twilight photoshoot
Make sure exterior fireplace or fire pit is working

Real Estate Photography Questions – Why Are Twilight Photos So Important

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If you are interested in our twilight photography services please give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email. We offer competitive pricing on our real estate photography and we are available anywhere in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Also, please visit our main portfolio site at www.ryanwilsonphotography.com

Chandler Custom Home Real Estate Photography

Here are some photos we recently took for a real estate agent of a home he is listing in Chandler, Arizona. This beautiful house has a large luxurious backyard featuring a bocce ball court and a huge built in grill/table to make this a great home for entertaining. Professional real estate photography can help your listing stand out from the rest! If you would like more information or to schedule a shoot, give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at ryanwilsonphotography@gmail.com.








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Chandler Waterfront Luxury Real Estate Photography

We recently had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful waterfront home in Chandler, Arizona. This luxurious property has incredible views of the sunset and was perfect for a twilight photoshoot. Do you have a listing that you want to stand out? Twilight photos can really make a difference. Give us a call at 480-239-3417 or send us an email at ryanwilsonphotography@gmail.com.








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Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Photographer

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